How to order?

1. Download the app Já Čišník: ANDROIND /​ IOS
You can use one app for table or person. One app = one bill.
2. Register /​ Sign in
3. Find restaurant: Cyberdog
3. Click on I AM HERE down on the right side of screen.
4. Sign in for you table. You can find the number by the QR code on your table.
5. Choose your drink and food. Add it to your basket by clicking ORDER.
6. If your order is complete, click CONFIRM AND ORDER down on the right side.
7. Check if your order is complete. You can change it until you click BRING TO THE TABLE.
8. Before the trolley comes, you should get notification about position of your drink on the trolley (1-​4).
9. When the trolley comes, you have 20seconds to take your drinks and food from it.
10. You can pay by cash or card. Just click on BILL (down and left on the screen). Choose your payment method, percentage of gratuity and click on PAY. Then wait for your waiter/​ess.

Enjoy your visit!