CyberDog, the best friend of your important events

Rent the unique CyberDog robotic wine bar for unusual meetings with corporate partners and original birthday parties. The space has a seating capacity of 41 people. We will prepare a specific offer for you.

For reservations and more information, please contact us at
+420 725 281 278

Cyberdog wins Best of Realty

On 12 November at the gala evening in Prague's Karlín Forum, the results were announced and awarded to the best projects of the Czech real estate market in the past year. Cyberdog was among the winners of the 21st Best of Realty contest, which is considered the most prestigious in its field in the Czech Republic. 

Have a chat with Alexa

On the second floor of Cyberdog you can have fun with personnal assistant Alexa.

Facility renting
and private events

We welcome company events and birthday parties. The space capacity extends to 41 seating people. For more information write to us via the contact form.

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Discover the novelties
in the world of robotics

We keep track of the latest developments in the world of technology, and on the first floor this news is video projected so that you can follow it no matter whether you are outdoors or indoors.

Cyborg thanks to a chip

Everyone can become part of a cyborg thanks to a built-in chip. The British scientist Kevin Warwick (1954) is testing the influences of such chips on himself. The research began in 1998 when Warwick implemented in his hand an RFID transmitter through which he controlled part of his home and other computer-driven systems. In other researches, Warwick went straight to the nervous system and was able to control for example a robotic hand that was in a completely different place from where he was. His research progressed when he connected his wife to the system and thanks to an implemented device in her hand, he achieved a certain telepathy transmitted via the internet. Warwick has now returned to his natural human self, and after an examination of the potential negative effects, no damage was found.

A system mapping the area contaminated by radiation

A system that which can detect radioactive material on the ground has been tested by specialists at the Brno Technical University in cooperation with the Army and Fire Brigade. The work began in the air. The drone STEROS first mapped the ground and created a detailed 3D map. This map it later used during a second flight at a maximum height of 15 m to copy the ground and identify the areas contaminated by radiation. The next step was to send an independent ground robot whose output was a map exact by the centimetre of the affected area. Since during the operation the autonomous robots were able to communicate with each other, the rescuers carried out other necessary activities at the scene of the disaster. Because now such an operation can last several hours, scientists are working on speeding it up. A similar system should be available on the market in about 5 years. (source VUT)

A modern design
mustn’t be missing

Every detail of Cyberdog’s interior has been carefully designed. We have worked together with leading brands. Philippe Starck designed the Masters chairs for Kartell as a tribute to the three icons of contemporary design. Their shapes reveal the intertwined silhouettes of Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 chairs, Ero Saarinen’s Tulip armchairs and Charles Eamese’s Eiffel chairs. Kartell has created a completely new icon, which is confirmed not only by its unrelenting popularity in private and public interiors, but also by a number of design awards, such as the Good Design Award (2010) and the Red Dot Award (2013).


We want to show where society is heading - towards AI.

Cyberdog is a project by the famous artist and sculptor David Černý based on the progressive ideas of the 21st century. It took more than one year to come up with the original vision and then realize the Cyberdog Centre. Together with David Černý, three other members of the team of architects at the Black n’ Arch studio (part of the Trigema Group) worked on this project. The Centre will open in the autumn of 2018. Cyberdog, the nearby Trifot sculpture and the entire renovation of the pedestrian zone were financed by the investor – the Trigema Group.

Stories about the realization of the project


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